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In Nevada, a Registered Agent (once known as a 'resident agent') is an individual or entity specially designated by a company to receive legal service of process for that company; such as a lawsuit or summons. Imagine being sued personally. As an individual, a process server can physically present you with the court filed paperwork. However, when a corporation or LLC gets sued, how does someone serve it with a lawsuit? That's a role for the Registered Agent. They are the one who can accept service on behalf of the entity being sued. The Registered Agent's address is also where the State of Nevada sends its annual corporate renewal paperwork for the company to file. The Registered Agent receives said paperwork and notifies the company's representatives that it is time to renew with the Nevada Secretary of State.

In Nevada, before any business entity can be formed and registered with the Secretary of State, it must designate and maintain a Registered Agent. Pursuant to NRS Chapter 77, any registered agent with 10 or more represented entities is considered a commercial registered agent in the State of Nevada and must register with the Secretary of State by filing a Commercial Registered Agent Registration Statement. Any individual or entity with a physical address in Nevada may be a noncommercial registered agent provided they do not act as a registered agent for 10 or more entities on file with the Nevada Secretary of State.

While it is technically possible for someone to be the Registered Agent for their own company, many companies designate a third-party to perform this important role. By having someone else responsible, such as Flangas Dalacas Law Group, a business owner can have the peace of mind that someone will be available to perform the important functions stated above thereby allowing a business owner to focus on their day-to-day business, or leave the office freely, without having to fear something being missed.

In addition to not worrying about missing out on important documents or service of process, having a separate Registered Agent makes it less likely that a business owner will have to accept potentially embarrassing legal documents in front of clients or employees. Another advantage to having a separate Registered Agent is that a business can easily change corporate and/or business locations without necessarily having to pay for and file more paperwork to change its address with the Secretary of State for each and every move.

The Flangas Dalacas Law Group has served as a Registered Agent for hundreds of companies throughout the years. For more information, contact us at office@fdlawlv.com to find out how we can do the same for your company.

For more information contact us at office@fdlawlv.com.

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