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If you are alive you have legal issues.  Whether it arises by virtue of your business, your employment, your property, your relationships, your life, your employment, your property and/or your estate, there are legal ramifications.  I have always maintained that it is better to be proactive with legal issues than reactive.  Well you might say, but lawyers are expensive.  To that end I am reminded of an old commercial by the Fram Oil Company in connection with the sale of their oil filters.  The tag line goes “You can pay me now or pay me later.”  The point was that one can purchase an oil filter for a small price in order to maintain one’s engine or one can choose to neglect replacing the oil filter, which will likely lead to a much greater expense in engine repairs.

The point is applicable to law also.  Who wouldn’t want to pay a $250.00 consultation fee to get some idea as to one’s rights relative to any legal issue before it becomes a problem rather than paying $2,500.00 or even $25,000.00 to resolve the matter.  Who wouldn’t rather pay $1000.00 for good business documents than $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 to resolve disputes between the principals of the business.  Who wouldn’t rather pay $2,500.00 for a complete estate plan rather than $250,000.00 in estate taxes, which will deplete the amount of the estate to be received by the heirs.

The Attorneys at our firm can help you realize this cost benefit by consulting with you proactively when it comes to all your legal matters rather than reactively to a major problem.  Remember you can pay now or pay later.  The choice is yours!


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